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Why You Really Need Academic Writing Service

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Oarland City Jail Closure Illustrates Naive Leadership Essay

The essential occupation of a regional government is to guarantee open wellbeing for every one of its occupants and guests. In any case, the city board has would not meet or recognize this basic and prime obligation. Rather, it hands endowments to supported engineers. What's more, growing redevelopment realm, moreover, covers everyday city administrations. The City of Oakland California prison was shut on July 1, 2005. After one year, the decision is in: shutting the prison was an imbecilic move. Apparently there are more negative results to this city activity than positive ones. Henceforth, the point of this examination proposition is to consider the impact or the effect of the conclusion of the Oakland City prison on networks inside the city. Some news things featuring wrongdoing insights that have happened in the City of Oakland California were accumulated to fill in as essential materials for this endeavor. For instance, â€Å"Rape was up almost 12 percent; vehicle robberies and thefts up about 30 percent; burglary up 18 percent †some of it in neighborhoods not acquainted with crime,† reports ABC 7 News (6/12/06); â€Å"Oakland’s murder rate is increasing multiple times quicker than the nation at large,† (ABC 7 News, 6/12/06); and â€Å"In Oakland, a city of 400,000, the passing rate is 25.6 per 100,000 individuals, multiple times higher than the national pace of 6.1, as per the Alameda Country Public Health Department report† (Mamberto, October 2, 2006) are demonstrative of something unwanted are happing in the region. This examination paper will look for the insistence or invalidation of this speculation articulation: The decrease of the Oakland Police Department Fiscal Year financial plan for Fiscal Year 2005-2007 bringing about the conclusion of the city prison and ensuing disposal of 89 full-time positions has negative effect on the community’s wellbeing. A relationship of the â€Å"Independent Variable† and â€Å"Dependent Variable† will be planned and organized as needs be from which ends will be gotten from. Proper factual devices, such as, â€Å"sampling techniques,† â€Å"hypothesis testing,† â€Å"measurement of focal tendency,† â€Å"descriptive statistics,† â€Å"probability statistics,† â€Å"inferential statistics,† among other, will be utilized. Information will originate from these sources:  (1) records of the Oakland Police Department (OPD); (2) important writing, similar to, news things from TV, radio and print media; (3) periodicals; and (4) interviews. Presentation One year prior, on July 1, 2004, the Oakland City committee shut the city prison. It was marked a financial plan cutting move, for an expected sparing of close to $3 million every year. After a year, the committee simply wrapped up a $16 million spending overflow. Oakland lost an office for all time based on fluctuating spending numbers. The prison conclusion has additionally injured police work. OPD officials let us know: The handling time to put a confined or captured individual into the prison has dramatically increased from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. In actuality, the effectively understaffed office has lost another few cops. Lawbreakers are presently taken to the County’s Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility, yet the sheriffs there are disturbed about the expanded remaining task at hand. They utilize different lawful reasons that power Oakland to take the criminal such a distance out to the Santa Rita prison. At the point when Oakland had a prison, detainees with minor medical problems could be kept there and given medicinal services. Without a prison, the County pushes the detainees to Highland Hospital, where Oakland police must watch them for a considerable length of time or days. In a meeting of some neighborhood occupants, for instance, a 20-year inhabitant of fourteenth Ave. what's more, E. 27th said she never experienced or saw any vicious wrongdoings until October of 2005â€she saw a man cut to death before her home; another interviewee, a 15-year inhabitant of Grand Street, said his home was burglarized on July 2006 just because and after a month his neighbor was ransacked at firearm point before his home. These episodes are no customary events in a network whose individuals anticipate proceeded and enduring harmony and request just as open security. The conclusion of the Oakland City prison and the resultant disposal of 89 OPD staff, it appears, have something to do with this clear difficult issue plaguing Oakland City today that compromises the social and enthusiastic prosperity of its occupants and guests. Where are the city committee individuals today who settled on the choice to close the city prison? Is it accurate to say that they are educated about or would they say they are perusing what are trumpeted by news sources? Do they tune in to influenced nearby occupants? Have they understood the outcomes of their choice of late? Do they have restorative intends to address the obviously bothersome aftereffects of their collective choice? Writing Review The news things and aftereffects of individual meeting of Oakland inhabitants relating to the conclusion of the Oakland City prison will fill in as introductory wellsprings of research information. Following are synopses of writing survey for this endeavor (see total writing in Appendix An and Appendix B). KTVU Channel (11/22/06) conveys a report of vicious wrongdoing ascent of 34.2% in 2006. Oakland city â€Å"still positions high in† wrongdoing category,† reports CRIME (n.d.). This equivalent media reports â€Å"132 murders† submitted as of November 2006 by a normal age of 28 years of age. The pace of killings expanded to 21% from 94 out of 2005 contrasted with 88 of every 2004 and â€Å"majority of the wrongdoings being carried out happen in the East and West pieces of the city.† ABC 7 News (July 11) additionally reports stressing wrongdoing events in Oakland having a â€Å"soaring murder rate that’s practically twofold the quantity of manslaughters right presently contrasted with this time last year.† And this demography can arrive at a â€Å"triple digit rate by end of the year,† if specialists don't begin to act today. There is a distinct contrast of killings this timeâ€victims are more youthful and their lives were pluck inhumanely along populated back streets of the city. Wrongdoing insights have now arrived at the consideration of national level with the inclusion of FBI authoritiesâ€this improvement perhaps consoling to a few yet the opposite side of the fence affirms something terrible about the circumstance. Another ABC 7 News (6/12/06) courses a feature about Oakland’s increasing homicide rate to be â€Å"five times quicker than the nation at large.† The explanation credited in the â€Å"big bounce in murder† is â€Å"readily accessible handguns, pack and medication action and disregard for life.† What’s occurring? Another upsetting data spread by the media is about assault. This time, it is up about 12 percent. In spite of the fact that Oakland police foundation is attempting to plan something for in any event contain the disturbing circumstance including â€Å"saturating horror neighborhoods,† yet the possibility of successful avoidance is a long way from the real world. North Gate News (October 2, 2006), in like manner, has another proving story for the afternoon. Casualties are generally youthful people in their initial adulthood of 20 to 24 and casualties were recognized to be African Americans. There is something vile about the figures announced, as, â€Å"45% [of the offenders] were in reality under the consideration of the criminal equity framework †either on parole or probation †when the homicide occurred.† And why â€Å"80% of savage violations in the region happen in Oakland or to Oakland residents†? Killings in the region continue rising. What's more, what is truly disturbing to harmony adoring occupants of Oakland is the confirmation that â€Å"We’re in a general wellbeing emergency here . . .† These news things make them thing in like manner: accentuation on the expanding crime percentage in Oakland City after the conclusion of the city prison. Significant books, magazines, and expert diaries are viewed as assessed for this examination work, as well. Strategies Crime-related research information will be gathered from OPD records for the period January 1, 2003 up to December 31, 2005. These wrongdoing related information will be grouped and their events will be classified measurably utilizing relevant factual apparatuses, as, unmistakable insights, estimation of focal inclination, among other. Insights made by different elements will be thought of; and, along these lines, are wanted to be assembled likewise. An overview of occupants in a West Oakland zone is consideredâ€the information to be assembled will relate their sentiments of security and frailty just as wellbeing in their general vicinity invigorated by late ascent of culpability which is speculated to be the consequence of the conclusion of the city prison. A particular system on: (1) how the exploration questions are examined, (2) how existing information will be utilized, (3) how new information created by the analyst will be fused to existing information, (4) how the essential research will be brought to the investigation, (5) how review information will be utilized, and (6) how an example populace will be utilized, will be grown likewise preceding the beginning of the examination work. A connection between's the free factor and ward variable (see underneath) will be planned and organized appropriately from which end will be determined. The free factor:  the Oakland Police Department’s Fiscal Year 2005-2007 spending decrease and resulting disposal of 89 full-time positions (see Table 1) offered ascend to the needy variable; The needy variable:  â â â a negative impact on the community’s security. The normal or guessed negative effect of the conclusion of the city prison will be estimated through the reactions of respondents in a study about their observations on the issue. Then again, the community’s security will likewise be estimated in a similar way as the previous

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20 Holiday Office Party Dos And Donts

20 Holiday Office Party Dos And Donts The jolly season of winter is upon us and that means that everyone gets to cut loose and indulge themselves with brownies, cream puffs, cocktails, and gifts, including the tiresome office workers who are probably reading this right now.One thing to bear in mind, however, is that this is a business event first and foremost.Don’t take this the wrong way, while you may enjoy yourselves, it is more of a formal get-together with your colleagues and supervisors.In short, have a good time while keeping it professional as well.Besides, by learning about business holiday etiquette, you can navigate the upcoming season like a pro.This way, your company may even take advantage of the winter sales competition.DOS AND DONTS OF OFFICE PARTIES1.  Do: Respond to the InvitationBe sure to respond to the party invitation within 24-48 hours. It shouldn’t matter whether it comes by email, Evite, Paperless Post, telephone or traditional ways, you have to give your response within the given that timeli ne.Even if you didn’t want to attend the party for whatever reason, it is mandatory to the point in which failing to do so would send a negative message to the executives and upper management, who very likely will take note of your absence.2.  Dont: Drink Too MuchIf your employer is offering you a drink and you don’t mind, then go right ahead.Though since the drink is intoxicating, which evidently drops your inhibitions and twists your judgment, you should limit your intake of it.If there’s one place you cannot afford to lose your senses, it is at an event that’s hosted and attended by your boss as well as your co-workers.Under the influence, you may end up doing something that could make you a target of workplace gossip or controversy, or worse, unemployed.You should consider your limits with better precaution and never go beyond them. Be sure to carry a refreshment in your left hand and leave your right one for the shaking hands of the party guests.Although, if you want ou r honest advice, it’s probably for the best if you don’t drink at all considering the innumerable catastrophes that often result from this drink.Safer alternatives for you would be tea, club soda or even water.3.  Do: Arrive And Leave On TimeJust as youre punctual when you usually arrive for work, you should be just as punctual for when you get to an office holiday party and leave at the very moment it is scheduled to conclude. It is inappropriate to arrive ‘fashionably late.’ You also shouldn’t arrive early, but just plan on getting there within the first 15-20 minutes. Even if you don’t plan on attending, don’t arrive 30 minutes right before the end of the party only to make an appearance.4.  Don’t: Treat an Office Party Like a Singles BarA workplace party gives you the chance to interact with your fellow co-workers in a manner other than the way you normally do in your usual office days.Getting to know them in a different life may even make you look at them differ ently. Though this may end up being a bad thing.For instance, you may find Jessie from accounting to be far more attractive under bar lights than cubicle lights.It is human nature to have desires for the opposite sex, which is exactly why you should keep your instincts under control before your reputation sinks to the endless bottom of no-return.Workplace romances or God forbid, one-night-stands, are bringers of disaster.5.  Do: Read the Invitation CarefullyA great way to avoid an unpleasant evening is to read the office party invitation carefully. It is essential to know the company’s policy on guests, or whether the invitation is ‘Employee Only’ or ‘Plus One.’You should also check whether spouses or dates are welcome.Much of the planning decisions have been meticulously considered, including scheduling and expenses.Just remember that this is an official company-sponsored event.6.  Do: Dress Appropriately Robin Schooling, vice president of human resources for Hollywood C asino in Baton Rouge, says that if your office is having a formal event dress up.If it’s a casual potluck that’s being hosted in the break room, then dress as you do for work.Even if the theme is ugly sweaters, then Schooling recommends wearing the ugliest work-appropriate sweater that you can find and wear it with pride.When attending an office party, it is pivotal to look at what your office is doing and follow up with it.Don’t be the sore loser who wears an ascot or a cocktail dress to the lunch hour Secret Santa gift swap.So leave anything that is too-short, too-tight and too-revealing in the closet.7.  Don’t: FlirtIt’s like Step #4 but it doesn’t go that far.Even so, it’s best not to flirt with co-workers of the opposite gender, even if you intended it to be entirely innocent.The reason for this is because it might send a negative message to your co-workers.At best, flirting or acting in a sexually provocative manner could make colleagues lose respect for you on a personal level.But at worst, it could slap you with a possible sexual harassment allegation.8.  Do: Greet Colleagues, Hosts, and Party PlannersWhen you arrive at the office holiday party, be a professional and shake hands with the party planners and hosts.In fact, if it is a company or partnership that is owned by more than one person, be sure to thank all of them.You don’t have to be a chatterbox or pretend to completely enjoy everything about the party, but at the very least, try to chat briefly or compliment any aspect of the party that you really enjoyed, such as music, food or the decor.And be sure to limit your conversations to only five minutes before moving on to the next person.9.  Do: Remember That This is Still a Business EventWhile it is okay to relax and have fun when you’re at a workplace party, you must never forget that this is still an office event sponsored by your boss.The setting may be different to the casual parties back at home, but your boss is watching your move, as are your coworkers.What we’re trying to say is that you should never expose any side of your personality that may come off as unsettling to your boss and coworkers to the extent where their opinion of you may change for the worse.A perfect example of this is not sharing any personal information or details in a professional setting.10.  Do: MingleBe very careful of your movements as they are being monitored from the entrance to every room you enter by your boss and coworkers.That means that you must refrain yourself from heading towards the bar or the buffet the moment you step foot into the party.As an employee of the event sponsored by your company, you have to give a good impression to the party planners, hosts and guests that are there, by greeting and shaking hands with them.To this with everyone that is there, including your colleagues and boss.Since executives enjoy being at parties, a company party may be one of the few times where you get to meet them in pers on.So go over to them, introduce yourself, state the department that you work in and then shake their hands.This is also a great opportunity for you to become visible to your company’s leadership.Greet and interact with as many of your colleagues and supervisors who are present at the event, even the ones you don’t know very well.Be sure to greet the attendants with the warm smile on your face. But don’t just spend the entire evening with your usual office buddies try to mingle with co-workers that belong to other departments of your company.But more importantly, please resist the urge of getting bored or giving hints to your boss and coworkers that you’re making a run for the exit door.11.  Do: Talk About Something Other Than WorkThere are other sides to your co-workers than just office partners and work.They also have families, hobbies and other interests that may be in line with your own.Yes, this is an office-sponsored event, but it is still a party. So don’t be afrai d to let your colleagues know a bit about your life outside of the organization and avoid bringing stuff that has anything to do with your regular office responsibilities.Also, abstain from having to include sex, politics or religion as part of your conversations.Connecting with your colleagues on a personal level can take you very far in the business. Plus, the management appreciates it when their employees show their social side.Keep your discussions positive and ensure that they do not exceed more than 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid complaining, bragging or gossipping as well.12.  Don’t: Tell Off-Color JokesYou’re free to tell jokes if you want because office parties are usually light-hearted anyways.Just that all may stop if your jokes end up offending your colleagues or boss (or worse, their own boss).It is a well-known fact that not many people enjoy off-color humor, so do your best to avoid coming under such fire.And with that in mind, you should also refrain from using foul, off ensive or perverted language.13.  Don’t: Binge at the BuffetProfessional workplace demands you maintain manners and etiquettes as we’ve been reiterating for the entire article.So if you’re a food person, we’d advise you to eat a small amount of protein to sate your appetite instead of hogging the food table as much as you want.You didn’t get invited to the party for the sole occasion that you’re hungry.Be considerate of other party attendees as well, while also keeping your hands clean at all times when it comes to food.Do not walk around with a full plate, overeating or double dipping the chafing dish and please remember to properly discard napkins, toothpicks, and plates.14.  Put Your Phone AwayYour boss went through a lot of trouble to put this party together so you can mingle with your co-workers and get to know them better.But this can’t be accomplished if you constantly check your phone.Just bear the urge to inspect your social media status and focus on the matte r that is right there in front of you: socializing with your colleagues and boss.If you want to check on your phone occasionally, then do so where no one can see you, but only for a little while since your boss is still monitoring the event.If you wish to make your phone of good use, then start taking pictures and share them on social media.15.  Don’t: Gossip About People Behind Their BacksWhether you’re at work or a work-related event, it is absolutely distasteful to backbite or gossip about your coworkers or supervisors.Some people take it upon themselves to engage in a little malicious talk about those who are never present at the scene.A loose tongue is quite common at parties, especially if you’ve had one drink too many. If left unchecked, you’ll be in for a regretful Monday morning equation.For the sake of the company’s reputation and that too your own job, you must prevent yourself from committing this heinous act.Also, you may even want to consider the feelings of the person you’re gossiping about, especially if gets back to them later on.16.  Don’t Clap for YourselfThis term is often used to describe drinking right after a person in your company who has been recognized for their outstanding achievements has offered a toast.Office parties often hold parties to laud someone’s great work in the organization and if this is the reason your employer’s hosting this party, then the CEO or executive may offer a toast sometime during the evening.So when a toast is being raised for your colleague, be sure to raise your glass at the end of the toast, when the host raises their glass.Be sure not to touch your glass to everyone else’s as it is distracting and unnecessary.Then pause and observe as this is when the star worker offers a toast in response to their achievement.And if you’ve been a star performer as well, you may be honored with a toast as well. So be sure to stand up and thank the person who toasted you, as a symbol of your appreci ation.17.  Do: Offer Your ThanksAfter offering you a drink, some food, music and a chance to really let loose after doing most of your hours for the year, we believe that it is only fair and courteous to express your gratitude to the party planners, organizers as well as your boss for putting together a great office party.It doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate; just a quick ‘thank you’ before you leave is more than enough.18.  Don’t: Bring Uninvited GuestsWhen your boss throws a party, they may intend it to be only for employees.Therefore, you must always consult with them and ask whether it is permissible to bring a significant other or not.Bringing an uninvited guest may not only end up frustrating your boss but also embarrass or upset your guest if they feel unwanted.So always do a preemptive check to see if you can bring spouses, dates or Plus Ones from your side.19.  Don’t: Undermine the Importance of Your Guest’s BehaviorIf your office party does allow you to invite a guest from your side, then you have to choose wisely who you should bring.If let’s say, the guest is your significant other, bring them with you and don’t be shy about making introductions.But don’t bring in some “best friend,” who happens to be a woman that you’ve only interacted with on platonic occasions, just because you can’t handle going alone.It would only defeat the purpose of the party, which is to get to know your colleagues better.You must also never bring anyone who might display inappropriate behavior even if they may be your significant other. Their bad behavior will, in the end, reflect poorly on you.That’s why it is important to have your guest adhere to the same rules that you are expected to follow for the party.20.  Do: Show Up The Next DayEven if you’ve overindulged yourself or stayed late afterward, nothing is worse than calling in “sick” the day after the office party.Still, if you’ve managed to make it to this point after all of the tips mentioned above, you shouldn’t have that much of a problem.But even if you do, there literally is no other way out for you except to suck it up and show up for work.When an office party is celebrated in a respectful and appropriate manner, it creates a sense of mutual trust among your co-workers, shows employee appreciation, develops stronger office relationships and is great for overall employee morale.

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Analysis of Soldiers Home by Ernest Hemingway Essay

The story, A Soldiers Home, is about a man in conflict with the past and present events in his life. The young man’s name is Harold Krebs. He recently returned from World War 1 to find everything almost exactly the same as when he left. He moved back into his parents house, where he found the same car sitting in the same drive way. He also found the girls looking the same, except now they all had short hair. When he returned to his home town in Oklahoma the hysteria of the soldiers coming home was all over. The other soldiers had come home years before Krebs had so everyone was over the excitement. When he first returned home he didn’t want to talk about the war at all. Then, when he suddenly felt the urge and need to talk about it no one†¦show more content†¦By reading the story we know Harold no longer feels at home anymore. He has been traumatized by life and death situations that his parents simply do not understand. We know that he has changed because he f eels he no longer fits in. In the story, we find out Krebs attended a Methodist college in Kansas. He was not out of place during that time. Hemingway says, â€Å"There is a picture which shows him among his fraternity brothers, all of them wearing exactly the same height and style collar.† (185) Hemingway is telling us that by stating that Harold once fit in the town. He fit in with his friends. He is meaning in the story that most soldiers are traumatized by the war, and when they return they are different people. Hemingway gets his across of soldiers before and after in the story by setting and characters. The setting is in Oklahoma. It shows that Harold was in World War 1 in Germany, and when he was in college in Kansas. By him showing us the different settings we can see how Harold acted in the different places. The setting helps the reader understand what Hemingway’s point is. The characters in this story help the reader understand the point as well. The protagon ist character Harold Krebs went off to fight and came back and felt way out of place. The antagonist character his mother, is the one who doesn’t understand what he has been through, but pushes him to settle down and get aShow MoreRelatedSoldiers Home By Ernest Hemingway Analysis785 Words   |  4 Pagesyears in the frontline of World War 1 to a boring everyday life in a small Oklahoma town can be challenging. Ernest Hemingway’s character, Krebs, has a more difficult time adjusting to home life than most of the other soldiers who had returned from the war. The other men from the town who had been drafted were all welcomed respectably on their return. Krebs on the other hand, returned to his home in Oklahoma years after the war was over. When he returned, the greeting of heroes was already over. He expectedRead MoreAnalysis of Literary Devices in Soldiers Home Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway â€Å"Soldier’s Home is an outstanding short story that shows the tragic impact of war on the life of a young soldier who returns home. The story paints a vibrant picture of a soldier’s life after coming back from a shocking experience. Hemingway shows impacts of war on a soldier with the main character being Harold Krebs, who faces hostility in his hometown after his return from fighting in the war. The main character in the story is Kreb withRead MoreA Soldiers Home Setting Analysis Essay examples707 Words   |  3 PagesOctober 2012 A Soldier’s Home: Setting Analysis In Ernest Hemingway’s short story â€Å"A Soldier’s Home†, Krebs, a soldier, returns to his hometown from fighting in World War I. As indicated throughout the story, â€Å"home† for Krebs is not unlike the war front: confusing, complicated, and restless. Hemingway uses the setting in Kansas, during World War I, to convey Krebs post-war life in comparison to his pre-war. The title â€Å"Soldiers Home† reveals the question; where is the soldier’s home? In the shortRead More Comparing Loss of Self in Soldiers Home, Pauls Case, and Bartleby1442 Words   |  6 Pagesof Self in Hemingways Soldiers Home, Cathers Pauls Case, and Melvilles Bartleby the Scrivener  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   Hemingways Soldiers Home, Cathers Pauls Case, and Melvilles Bartleby the Scrivener all present a loss of self. These stories prove that there is a fine line between finding ones self and losing ones self. I believe this loss can occur at any age or station of life. This idea is seen in each storys main character. Hemingways Soldiers Home depicts a young man in his earlyRead MoreLiterary Analysis of a Very Short Story2462 Words   |  10 PagesA very short story by Ernest Hemingway. Title: A very short story Author: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). Source: CAPPELEN DAMM AS, Oslo 2008 – Access to English literature, VG3. Anthony, Burgess, Mikkelsen amp; Sà ¸rhus. Chapter 1, page 23-24. Setting. A lot of geographic places are mentioned in the short story, as the characters move around, however the most important part of the story is set to Padua, in northern Italy. The story is about an Italian woman, Luz, and an American

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Proposed Bullying Study Essay - 1770 Words

Bullying and victimization in United States schools has just recently begun to be studied(Milsom Gallo, 2006). Many schools realizing the impact that bullying has on children are quick advocate anti-bullying programs and punish bullies, however victims of bullies are usally given no emotional support. Research on bullying reveals that there are both immediate and future consequences for the targets of bullying (Gottheil and Dubow, 2001). Students are more likely to suffer from academic problems, absenteeism, loneliness and loss of friends especially when the bullying behavior is severe and prolonged (Robert Coursol, 1996). Children who are targets of aggression are also more likely to be depressed and develop low self-esteem (Gottheil†¦show more content†¦Improving social skills with these students can decrease a victim’s chances of being bullied. Students can learn to better develop relationship with other peers, which may decrease the likelihood that bullies targe t them. Specific social skills to target can include friendship skills, how to approach a group of people and how to develop empathy. In addition it would also be beneficial to teach students effective coping skills in the event that they are bullied (Kaiser Rasminsky, 2003). Coping skills can include identifying support in time of difficulty such as people to talk to and locating a safe area within the school. Having stated the the goals of the group, I believe this group would be suitable to middle school boys and girls, both of which can experience bullying. In order to have students join the group, I will receive referrals from teachers about who could benefit from a group for victims of bullying and also student referrals from the posters that will hang in the hallways and in bathrooms. The poster (Appendix B) that I designed is discrete but describes enough information that would gain the attention of the target population. I purposely did not advertise specific information a bout when and where the group will take place because of the sensitivity of the topic. This way there is lessShow MoreRelatedBullying Is A Social Problem For Decades Essay1224 Words   |  5 PagesBullying has been a social problem for decades. Bullying started out with name calling, but today bulling comes in different forms. You find bullying in schools, texts, and social media to name a few. The following information provided in this research paper discusses the history of bullying and how the history has shaped bullying today. The paper will provide informative background information about bullying and the definition of bullying. This paper will discuss the roles and skills of the humanRead MoreBullying Interventions That Support Exceptional Education Students914 Words   |  4 Pagesexist in the school system today is bullying. This type of misbehavior can cause the school climate to be unconducive to learning. Bullying can also have a negative effect on not just the regula r student, but the exceptional education student as well. Because of the growing epidemic (trend) of bullying, it is a need to further research the effects that bullying has on the special education student. These facts lead to the proposed research topic, â€Å"Bullying Interventions that support exceptionalRead MoreCross Sectional Research Proposal913 Words   |  4 PagesTo attain a satisfactory response rate from the study sample, it is proposed that a correlational, cross-sectional, quantitative study utilizing a web-based survey be employed. Although cross-sectional research does not permit distinction between cause and effect, it will aid in the clarification of the prevalence of traditional bullying and cyberbullying and explore the relationship between the variables (Mann, 2003). The nature of the study may appear simple, but it has the potential to build uponRead MoreWorkplace Bullying And Its Impact On The Nursing Profession1421 Words   |  6 PagesWorkplace bullyin g is a growing problem in the American workplace and the Nursing Profession no exception. Addressing workplace bullying and its impact on the nursing profession is paramount to upholding patient safety and decreasing nursing attrition rates. Defining the problem is the first step in addressing it. In the past, workplace bullying was referred to as â€Å"Nurses eating their young.† There are many names for the various levels of workplace bullying like horizontal and lateral violenceRead MoreBullying Is The Lack Of Consensus Among Employers939 Words   |  4 Pagesgreatest challenges to understanding and overcoming the phenomenon of workplace bullying is the lack of consensus among employers, researchers, and legislators as to what defines workplace bullying. Definitions of the phenomena overlap with some definitions being described as too broad or too narrow. Some complain that definitions are not precise enough or lack the span necessary to include all forms of workpla ce bullying. One reason there are so many definitions is because there are many componentsRead MoreWhy Do Cyber Bullying Laws Need to Be Enforced?841 Words   |  4 PagesWhy do Cyber Bullying Laws Need to be Enforced? Several middle school students in western New York created a Facebook event invitation Oct. 21, and they invited 60 of their friends to participate in a plan to torment the sixth-grader the next day. As the result, 10 accepted the invitation and some of the students posted offensive comments; one even proposed to kill the boy. When the mother of the proposed victim found out about that, she contacted to school officials. This is common news for manyRead MoreNegative And Negative Impacts Of Bullying Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesnature of bullying presents some challenges to accurately determining either its prevalence or severity. Both the positive and negative social interactions of school aged children may be misinterpreted by peers or by education professionals. Additionally, victims and perpetrators of bullying may be less likely to provide truthful responses to research inquiries out of fear of retaliation from peers or school personnel. In spite of these challenges, numerous recent studies on bullying have producedRead MoreThe Effects Of School Bullying On Students And The Climate Of A School System891 Words   |  4 PagesImpact The influence of school bullying is not as one dimensional as some have thought, and recent studies have examined this issue from the angles of student perception as well as socio-cultural perspectives (Espelage et al., 2014). Bullying is a dynamic issue with the capability to impact schools in numerous areas. Researchers typically categorize the negative effects of school bullying in terms of short and long term consequences and in terms of its impact on individual students and the climateRead MoreThesis Statement . The Act Of Suicide Effects Many Individuals1528 Words   |  7 PagesMany individuals look to the personal causes and effects of suicide; however, we need look beyond that and view what is occurring socially. Social characteristics are suggested to be the causes of society’s suicide rates (Tartaro, 413). Durkheim proposed that â€Å"the societal rate of suicide might be explained by social factors, such as marriage, divorce, and birth rates† (Tartaro, 413 ). In addition, individuals who are bullied show greater stages of depression and indications of suicide (Turner, 1)Read MoreThe Importance of Understanding Bullying1279 Words   |  5 PagesBullying has been an ongoing problem that is detrimental to not only the bully but most especially the victim. Multiple negative effects arise from participating in bullying activity. Bullying is defined as â€Å"unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time (ED et al., 2014).† Although there is no direct solution to this problem, there are ways to reduce bullying

Cognitive Studies as the Direction of Modern Linguistics Free Essays

COGNITIVE STUDIES AS THE DIRECTION OF MODERN LINGUISTICS At the end of the 20th century linguistics applied to anthropocentric paradigm of knowledge including among other things presentation about the human factor in the language [4, 2001:15]. The cognitive linguistics is the study of how the person operates the symbols, while coming to understanding the world and themselves in the world, the subject matter of which is the human mind, the thinking and the mental processes and conditions [11, 2005: 8]. The processes associated with knowledge and information are called cognitive ones. We will write a custom essay sample on Cognitive Studies as the Direction of Modern Linguistics or any similar topic only for you Order Now Their synonyms are also words  «intellectual »,  «mental »,  «and rational ». Cognitive aspect is the basic concept of cognitive linguistics. It is obvious that in the complex of human sciences the relations between language and other human activities are closely interwoven with each other. Languages give cognitive scientists the key to understand human behavior even in the greater degree, than the culture and society [6, 1997:21]. In the 70-80th of the last century mainly lexico-grammatical and thematic groups of words were studied for identifying general and specific characteristics in a lexical system of language. Today the cognitive research is aimed at expansion of the Humanities [2, 2005: 28]. It is the question of great importance for scientists to find out the very existence of the words in the mental lexicon of individuals. Scientists consider the word to be a unit of knowledge, phenomenon or process meant by it, and also the knowledge of unit position in the system of language, where it is associated with other units of the same system [6, 1997: 306-307]. There are many definitions of concepts, as the term  «concept » is currently one of the most popular in a Russian science. It is not only about linguistics, the concept is used in perceptual and cognitive psychology, and lingvo-cultural science, sociology, and many other sciences. The concept is a multifaceted term, that can be considered as the storage of cultural values, and as a unit which the background for the perspective is the cultural environment surrounding the person. According to Professor V. A. Maslova there are 3 approaches to the concept’s definition: 1. The first approach pays great attention to cultural aspect – when the entire culture is understood as a set of concepts and relations between them. Concepts are like clots of cultural environment in the person’s consciousness. 2. The second approach defines the semantics of linguistic sign as the only means of concept formation. 3. Representatives of the third approach believe the concept to be a combination of word meanings from personal, and national person experience, i. e. the concept is the mediator between words and reality. Concepts are universal [11, 2005: 32]. E. S. Kubryakova considers concept as the operational memory unit, mental lexicon, the conceptual system and the language of brain, the whole picture of the world, the quantum of knowledge [7, 1996: 90]. Structure of the concept, according to Pr. Stepanov consists of 3 layers: basic sign, optional and inner form, usually not realized. The structure of the concept can be represented in the circle form, in the center of which lies the main concept, the core of concept, and on the periphery is everything that are brought by culture, traditions, national, and personal experience [11, 2005:42]. Each concept includes evaluation, personal attitude towards an object. The same concepts can cause various associations in the different recipients [3, 2006: 24]. Cognitive linguistics is aimed at modeling the picture of the world. The concept itself is an element of the picture of the world, when the picture of the world is one of fundamental notions; it is a model of the world, which is formed as the result of human interaction [11, 2005:47]. Concepts can be classified according to different grounds. They can form emotional, educational, and other conceptual spheres. Concepts of objects and movements with the concepts of space are included in the list of  «primary » concepts defining conceptual system of the human being. Space is one of the main forms of categories of existence, reflecting the extent, the position, and the location of objects in a world continuum. As a consequence, the space belongs to the basic categories of thinking, and causes strong interest for scientists. The movement is a form of life and the factor of human development. The concept of movement – is a complex phenomenon, and is associated with the characteristics like the starting point of movement, the last point of movement, way of movement, the environment in which the action takes place, its orientation, move pace, and character of action [8, 2004: 10]. Identifying the sources of phraseological unit’s origin we share the opinion of N. N. Amosova, who considers it to be the speech situation in which the original word is used in a phraseological meaning [1, 1963:65]. Each phrasal unit initially was the individual’s formation, and at first was used in a single context. The verbal complex is to pass several stages before becoming a phraseological unit. Potential phrasal unit is a speech phenomenon. When words complex are used in countless contexts, they gradually acquire elements of stability, and form phrases. Actually it is impossible to ascertain the  «forthcoming » of phrases [10, 1996: 158]. We can assume that each word being born in someone’s speech gets new meanings in the course of its further usage. The important feature of obtaining new values is the degree of abstraction [13, 2001: 67]. A. M. Melerovich points out abstraction from lexical and grammatical meanings. She distinguishes four levels of abstraction: highest, high, medium, and low one. 1. The highest level of abstraction is observed in phraseological fusions, and in phraseological intensifiers. These phrases are completely abstracted from the literal meanings. . At the high level of abstraction phrasal units have all kinds of abstraction except grammatical one. 3. The average level of abstraction is observed in phrases with partially rethought meanings, i. e. , where one component is used literally, and the other one is used in figurative sense. 4. The low level of abstraction is characterized by the fact that all components are used in the literal senses. The structure of abstraction in this case is so-called  «colorless abstraction » [14, 1959:171]. Thus, the phraseology reflects complex of culture and psychology of the people; it is a unique method of thinking. However, for each language the selection of priority word’s meanings depends on cultural development. Presence of a certain motivation,  «which is directly linked with people’s outlook » proves that idioms have cultural and ethnic connotation. The study of phrases gives the key to understanding of language picture of the world [16, 1996: 214] Literature 1. Amosova N. N. The basics of English phraseology/L. , 1963 2. Karasik V. I. Ethnospecific concepts. Other mentality/Moscow, 2005. 3. Kamishnikov ?. ?. Conceptual sphere/Taganrog, 2006. 4. Kravchenko ?. ?. About the question of modern linguistic cultural science’s origin /Taganrog, 2001. 5. Kubryakova ?. S. Cognitive features of motion verbs. Logical analyses of language/Moscow, 1992. 6. Kubryakova ?. S. Parts of speech from a cognitive point of view/Moscow, 1997. 7. Kubryakova ?. S. , Demyakov V. Z. , Pankrats U. Z. , Lusina L. G. Concise dictionary of cognitive terms /Moscow, 1996. 8. Kubryakova ?. S. Language and knowledge: On the way of language knowledge acquiring: ? : Parts of speech from a cognitive point of view/Moscow, 2004. 9. Kunin A. V. English-Russian dictionary of phrasal units/Moscow, 1984. 0. Kunin A. V. The course of modern English phraseology/Moscow, 1996. 11. Maslova V. A. Cognitive linguistics/Minsk, 2005. 12. Melerovich A. M. The problem of semantic analyses of phrases in Russian/ Yaroslavl, 1979 13. Polikarpov ?. ?. Reflection of historical events by phraseological fund of modern English language/Kaluga, 1998. 14. Smith L. P. Phraseology of English/Moscow, 1959. 15. Stepanov U. S. Constants. Dictionary of the Russian culture. Experience of research/Moscow, 1997. 16. Teliya V. N. Russian phraseology. Semantic, pragmatical and lingvo-cultural aspects / Moscow, 1996. How to cite Cognitive Studies as the Direction of Modern Linguistics, Essay examples

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Sooner or later, One has to take sides if one is to remain human.  Essay Example

Sooner or later, One has to take sides if one is to remain human.   Essay If taking sides means becoming emotionally involved in human conflicts and being prepared to suffer, then The Quiet American can be read as an argument for the necessity of becoming involved. Fowler, the character who suffers from the dilemma of whether or not to take sides, manages to remain detached for a long period, yet he is forced out of his inertia when events become too important for him to ignore and he realizes that inaction also has consequences.Both Mr Heng and Captain Trouin tell Fowler that he cannot avoid becoming involved, in two short but key scenes near the end of the text. When Fowler travels north to report on the war and recover from his loss of Phuong, the captain responds to Fowlers usual statement of non-engagement with, One day something will happen. You will take a side and We all get involved in a moment of emotion and then we cannot get out. This scene anticipates Fowlers decision to become involved in both the war and in life when he resolves that Pyle ha s got to be stopped. Trouin refers specifically to emotion as the trigger for involvement and Heng expands on this when he makes the statement quoted in the essay question. These characters seem to be arguing that emotional engagements part of being human, suggesting that Fowler has become so removed from his own feelings that he is at risk of becoming less human, a kind of empty shell of a man.The novels use of flashback to reveal the reasons surrounding Pyles death also serves to show the reader how it is that, although Fowler and Phuongs situation has returned to normal by the end of the text, in fact things are no longer the way they were. In the opening chapter when we learn of Pyles death, Fowler appears to be struggling with feelings of guilt, pain and anger Am I the only one who really cared for Pyle? Despite Fowlers stated desire to have things back to the way they were, at his last meeting with Pyle, I wanted him to go away quickly and die. Then I could start life again at the point before he came in. In fact it does not work out this way, and Fowler learns that his decision to get involved has caused a change in him. His final reaction is ambiguous How I wished there existed someone to who I could say that I was sorry and could be read referring to his recognition of the sacrifices made in the name of remaining human almost a form of regret at having acted at all.The key term engage recurs throughout the book, highlighting the importance of the issue of involvement. As a reporter, Fowler is convinced that he must remain objective and he continually tells people that he does takes sides in the war. Even seeing atrocities committed by the Viet Minh, such as the dead bodies in the canal at Phat Diem, disturbs him but does not sway his resolve to remain detached and thereby avoid taking blame. When Fowler and Pyle spend the night in the watchtower, Fowler appears to argue that he supports the Vietnamese and is against Western interference, but the h e stops himself by saying, I dont know what Im talking politics forIm not engage Pyles reply, arent you?, shows us that perhaps Fowler does not quite understand how involved he is already, despite his denials. He starts to realize this when he reads Helens letter and sees the pain he has caused her by opening up old wounds: I thought, what a mess you make behind the scenes On the evening of Pyles death, Fowler tries to show Pyle that he has become involved: Theres always a point of changesome moment of emotion Although Pyle cannot recognize it, we know that Fowler has committed himself to action in the name of what he feels is morally right.Fowler eventually recognizes that he must act in order to stay human because he is at risk of causing trouble even while he maintains a neutral stance. It therefore appears preferable to act in a positive manner, trying to achieve good through what one is doing, than by unintentionally causing suffering, as he has done to his wife in the past. Hi s ambiguous feelings about his actions show that he finally accepts becoming human again through suffering.